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David C. Streicher is an inactive Portland, Oregon estate planning attorney.  He is licensed in Oregon and has over 30 years of experience in wills, trusts, probate, estate litigation, tax planning and general business.  He is the author of Chapter 1 of the Oregon State Bar treatise Administering Oregon Estates.  David is also licensed in Oregon as a CPA (but prepares no income tax returns).  He can be reached at davidcstreicher@gmail.com.  See David on LinkedIn, or visit us on Facebook.

7 thoughts on “About David C. Streicher

  1. Hi David,
    My mom past away in January and I am the PR and Trustee on her estate. I am seeking an Estate Tax CPA to file Estate Taxe documents in 2012. Also, the trust involved the real estate which will be sold this year and I needed advice now on how best to avoid taxes on this inheritance. Probate accounts also exist and it would be good to get advice on any tax planning before the disbursements are ordered.

    I live in Seattle so am looking for someone in the local area that is familiar with Oregon taxes. It looked like your offices serve Seattle. Is this so? Is this the type of work you perform?

    Thanks in advance,
    Crista Chadwick

  2. Hi David,
    My husband and I have been dealing with his fathers estate since 4/1/2011. It is somewhat complicated, I would like to talk with you further on the phone please call 425-749-2007.
    We feel we need to fire the current lawyer and need help to finish this up.

    Thank you,
    Sue Horan

  3. Hi, David…. I am handling my daughter’s estate.,, in Kitsap County, WA I have a question about credit card debt. The money in her bank account is about $14K. She actually, left me her bank accounts, with a small portion of that to go to her sister. We are waiting on a permanent death certificate to make a claim on life insurance. The beneficiary of the life insurance is her husband. I paid for the funeral expenses out of pocket.
    The credit card debt is about $18k
    How much of the estate is then available to the credit card company? Do they get paid the entire amount in the bank accounts? Regardless of who they were left to , and what I have paid? Are they allowed to take funds from the life insurance? There really is no other cash. The husband has the house and cars, there is nothing else except furnishings, which the husband also owns, and not of any great value. .

  4. I am married with legal Residence in Oregon. All my assets are in California. Can I move back to California and escape the Oregon Estate Tax?

    I am talking to an Oregon Estate Lawyer to set up an AB Trust in Oregon, to reduce Oregon estate taxes. If I am the Survivor, can I write a single AB Trust that allows me to change the funding of the B trust to escape estate taxes, according to whether I live in Oregon, California or Washington State? I observe that the AB Trust document is the same in all three states, and the only difference would be in how the B Trust is funded.

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