1. Dave I have a question my sister n law recently passed I kmow for a fact my niece was the beneficiary of her Ira has been listed for 17years but the company she worked for was charging her a fee so she had to switch things around 2 weeks before she died. Well after she passed my niece her only child called Fidelity to be told.she was listed but someone else was now. Well to find out her aunt all of a sudden was the beneficiary of the account. Would or could this be done illegally? Not sure how easy it would be for person to change it? We know my.nieces Mom would never leave her only child with nothing. Thanks

    • Your rights depend on whether (1) your sister in law had full mental capacity, and (2) your sister in law was subject to undue influence from her aunt when she changed the beneficiary designation. You will need an estate litigator and the legal fees could be substantial. If you contact me at Davidcstreicher@gmail.com I can give you some names.

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